Luis Trenker - der schmale Grat der Wahrheit

The South Tyrolean mountaineer and actor Luis Trenker (Tobias Moretti) is already a well-known man when he meets and loves the ambitious, young, outgoing dancer Leni Riefenstahl (Brigitte Hobmeier) during filming of Bergfilm pioneer Arnold Fanck (André Jung). As the career-conscious Riefenstahl ties up with a colleague, Trenker ends the relationship. In the following years, an artistic power struggle unfolds between the two rival filmmakers, in which initially Trenker seems to have the better cards. With films like "The Rebel" and "The Prodigal Son", he quickly became the star of German cinema, promoted by his admirers Goebbels (Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey) and Hitler. Only when Trenker, inspired by success and his liberties, continues to discover the dependencies he has set himself, does the paper turn. Tried by Goebbels "cold" and catapulted himself by his swooning in the option question even offside, Trenker begins slow descent, of which he will never fully recover even after the war ...


Tobias Moretti, Brigitte Hobmeier, Anatole Taubman, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Barbara Romaner, Anna Unterberger, André Jung u.v.m.eller:


Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Screenplay: Peter Probst

Camera: Peter von Haller

Cut: Evi Romen

Music: Levan Basharuli, Gerd Baumann

Production: Christoph Kanter

Costume: Esther Amuser

Casting: Kathrin Küntzel-Sedler

Editors: Cornelia Ackers (BR), Heinrich Mis (ORF), Klaus Lintschinger (ORF)

Filming location: South Tyrol, Munich and Venice