Landkrimi - Endabrechnung

Commissario Höllbacher (Robert Palfrader) has made a mistake he can not forget. But he wants to at least try to leave everything behind, the case and the vain prosecutor Nicoletti (Tobias Moretti), who has dragged the Commissario in this matter in the public eye. Höllbacher retires to a quiet post in his hometown Meran, lives in the old tailor's workshop of his deceased mother. Verginer (Harald Windisch), an old friend, takes care of him. They talk, they drink, and sometimes they laugh too. In the work Höllbacher is written off as a burn-out case. Then in the middle of Meran, a pair of lovers shot dead. She was the prominent CEO of an Austrian bank. A terrorist background is suspected. Commissioner Thaler (Kristina Sprenger) calls on the formerly so successful Commissario Höllbacher to help, but he wants to know anything about the investigation - until Nicoletti meddling in the case. Then he has no choice.


Robert Palfrader, Tobias Moretti, Thomas Rizzoli, Harald Windisch, Kristina Sprenger u.v.m.

Director: Umut Dag

Screenplay: Peter Probst

Camera: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer

Sound: Dietmar Zuson

Cut: Harald Aue

Production: Helmut Grasser, Gabi Stefansich