Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten

In her third cinematic adventure, witch Lilli (Hedda Erlebach) is annoyed by her little brother Leon, who is always the center of attention. Because of his allergy, she can not get a rabbit as a pet, also damaged Lilli's new telescope, which had just brought her Nicholas. Despite warnings of the magic kite Hektor, she uses a spell from her book of witches to conjure up with the servant Ruprecht (Jürgen Vogel) to give Leon a lesson. The saying works, but does Knecht Ruprecht in the world today independently. Among other things, he lets one of Lilli's teachers disappear and gradually he develops again to that being from the underworld that he was before he met Nicholas and this eased him. The only one who can help in this situation seems to be Nicholas himself, so Lilli goes in search of him. With her classmate Layla, she undertakes a journey through time and conjures back into Ruprecht's time. Meanwhile, Ruprecht continues his mischief in Lillis city and puts the Christmas in danger. Lilli tries to make up for her mistake and save Christmas.

Set "Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten" in Sterzing - Foto: IDM Südtirol
Set "Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten" in Sterzing - Foto: IDM Südtirol



Hedda Erlebach, Michael Mittermeier (Hektor), Jürgen Vogel, Maresa Hörbiger, Anja Kling, Gerti Drassl u.v.m.

Director: Wolfgang Groos

Screenplay: Gerrit Hermans

Production: Corinna Mehner

Camera: Marcus Kanter

Production: Christoph Kanter

Cut: Britta Nahler

Music: Anne Kathrin Dern