At a climate research station in the Alps, scientists are amazed when a red liquid emerges from the nearby melting glacier. Glacier blood quickly turns out to be a very special juice - with unforeseen genetic effects on the local wildlife. It remains up to Janek, the technician, to defend himself and the station against a growing profusion of monstrosities: the biological ones lurk inside, the human ones inside. And as if that would not be life-threatening enough, Janek's heart breaks ...


Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Hille Beseler, Peter Knaack, Felix Römer, Brigitte Kren, Wolfgang Pampel, Murathan Muslu, Adina Vetter, Michael Fuith u.a.

Director: Marvin Kren

Screenplay: Benjamin Hessler

Marvin Kren

Camera: Moritz Schultheiß

Sound: Dietmar Zuson

Cut: Daniel Prochaska

Music: Stefan Will

Marco dirt-killer

Equipment: Alexandra Maringer

Costume: Hanya Barakat

Mask: Susanne Weichesmiller

Roman Braunhofer

Casting: Nicole Schmied

Producer: Helmut Grasser